How to Use the Ultimate Kids Toy Slingshot

How to Use the Ultimate Kids Toy Slingshot

The Mischief Maker® Slingshot is made from real wood and designed for kids to be super easy to use. Simply load the soft foam ball, aim & draw, release and the ball goes flying through the air! 

Made for kids ages 4 and up, Mischief Maker Wooden Slingshots make it easy for everyone to get in on the fun! 

Easy Step-by-Step Guide on How To Use The Mischief Maker® Kids Toy Slingshot.

Step 1 load foam ball into toy slingshot

Step 1: Load the Soft Foam Ball

Grab your slingshot by the handle in one hand and place one foam ball securely between the foam launch pegs.

(Featured Mischief Maker Slingshot: Racing Blue Lightning)

Bonus Feature this Toy Slingshot holds the ball in place

*Bonus Feature: Foam Launch Pegs*

The slingshot launch pegs hold the soft foam ball securely in place, allowing you to run around and seek out an unsuspecting target.

Step 2 aim and draw the hammer back on the toy slingshot

Step 2: Aim & Draw

Hold the slingshot up and away from your body and point the slingshot in the direction you want to shoot. Pull the foam hammer back, keeping it in line with the ball to ensure an accurate shot.

Step 3 Release the hammer on the toy slingshot and send ball flying

Step 3: Release

Let the slingshot hammer go! The hammer will fly forward striking the ball to send it flying!

TIP: Keep the hand holding the slingshot very firm and still for optimal performance.

Reload the Toy Slingshot and Repeat

Step 4: Reload & Repeat

Play by yourself or with a friend, Mischief Maker® Slingshots provide endless hours of healthy active fun!

Mischief Maker® Toy Slingshot Racing Series

Meet The Mischief Maker Slingshot Racing Series Family

These souped-up wooden kids' slingshots come in four different colors and feature iconic racing graphics with a retro stripe. Choose your favorite and get one for a friend then let the mischief begin!


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