• "...designed to inspire and celebrate the geniune childhood experience." Translation: no screens allowed. Mighty Fun's collection of wooden puzzles and pirate shields bring out the "Yarrr, matey" in big and small alike."

    Portland Monthly

  • "Trying to get your kids to go play outside? Or at least move around a little? These swords and shields from Mighty Fun could help. The wooden toys come in four sets, each assigned to a clan: dragon, octopus, raven or wolf. Your kids could be acting out "Game of Thrones" in no time! Oh... yikes. Maybe that wouldn't be the best thing."

    The Oregonian 50 under $50

  • "En garde! Let their imaginations run wild with these Made in the US, groovy sword/shield combos from Portland-based Mighty Fun! toys. (Psst, make them extra-special by personalizing ’em.) $45. We also love the company’s handmade Oregon puzzles, which are great gifts for Ducks, Beavers and everyone in between, ages 5-105."

    Portland Parent