Airo Rocket™ - 5 Tips to Get Big Air Flight!

Airo Rocket™ - 5 Tips to Get Big Air Flight!

The Airo Rocket™ from Mighty Fun! is the ultimate high-performance, hand-launched kid’s toy rocket. Made from durable ripstop nylon, It quickly inflates to twenty inches tall and soars over 150 feet. Each rocket includes a launcher and on-the-go bag, so it’s always ready for your next adventure. 

5 Essential Tips to Guarantee Epic Big Air Flights with Your Airo Rocket™. 

This hand-launched inflatable rocket is incredibly easy to use, and with these tips and a little practice, the sky is the limit.  

Airo Rocket Quick Inflate Valve

1. Open the valve cap and blow air into the valve to inflate the internal bladder.

It will automatically seal after each breath. Close the valve after fully inflated.

(TIP: The Airo Rocket flies best when it’s fully inflated. Open the quick valve and give it a fresh puff of air to top it off.)

Connect Launcher to Airo Rocket

2. Connect the launcher to the rocket.

Grab the end of the launching strap at the base and loop the launcher bungee around the hook. The hand holding the strap at the base will help steady the rocket while you attach the elastic launcher.

Airo Rocket Launch

3. Lift up the hooked rocket with the launcher arm.

Pull the rocket base down with the other hand on the launching strap. You should see a straight line between the strap hand and the top of the launcher.

(TIP: Pull hard to stretch out the launcher bungee fully, the tension will help the rocket fly farther.)

Airo Rocket launch with a flick of the wrist.

4. Get ready to launch in 3, 2, 1…

Let go of the rocket at the launching strap and roll your wrist with the hand holding the launcher at the same time as you let go of the rocket.

(TIP: Aim for smooth release launches. To begin, roll the launcher hand towards you then point it forward at release. Not too fast or too slow, just a slow wrist roll and smooth release.)

Airo Rocket on the go storage bag

5. Deflate Airo Rocket™ and take it to go!

Open the valve, push on the center button to deflate the internal bladder then reclose the valve cap. Fold Airo Rocket™ into thirds and tuck both the rocket and hand launcher into the on-the-go bag. This is a great way to store your Airo Rocket™ and make sure it is ready for your next adventure.

(TIP: Use the included carabiner to clip your rocket to your belt loop or backpack and you can easily take your Airo Rocket™ everywhere.)

Airo Rocket in flight

Airo Rockets are a Blast to Launch and Soar Over 150 Feet!

With a little practice, you will be getting epic big air flights in no time. They are perfect for the backyard, park, or beach, and provide hours of endless outdoor fun.

Airo Rocket full collection all colors
Airo Rockets are available in four Super-Fly colors. Choose your favorite and get out there!
Each Airo Rocket™ set includes:
  • 20” Airo Rocket™ with ripstop nylon outer shell and internal polyurethane inflatable bladder
  • Quick inflate/deflate valve
  • Ergonomic hand launcher
  • Matching on-the-go bag with drawstring & carabiner clip

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