The Ultimate Kids' First Slingshot

Feel the stoke with the Mischief Maker® Surf's Up Series Wooden Slingshots. Featuring surfboard shaped handles and rip curl arms, they're super safe and easy to use. Load the ball, pull back the hammer & let 'er rip! The ball goes flying!

Best Slingshot Ever!

"So much fun! Super easy to use. I bought this for my son's 5th birthday and he loved it! I love it too! I showed him how to line up the shot and it only took one demonstration for him to understand."


Built to Last

Our Mischief Maker® Slingshot is made with real, non-toxic wood for an authentic feel and screen printed with beautiful graphics.

Take it to Go!

Every Mischief Maker® Slingshot includes a handy travel/storage bag ready to take on your next adventure.

Makes a Great Gift

Enjoyed by kids of all ages. Even Grandma likes to get in on the fun make a little mischief! Available in multiple styles and colors.

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four series to choose from

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