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The Ultimate Kids' First Slingshot

Feel the stoke with the Mischief Maker® Surf's Up Series Wooden Slingshots. Featuring surfboard shaped handles and rip curl arms, they're super safe and easy to use. Load the ball, pull back the hammer & let 'er rip! The ball goes flying!

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Best Slingshot Ever!

"So much fun! Super easy to use. I bought this for my son's 5th birthday and he loved it! I love it too! I showed him how to line up the shot and it only took one demonstration for him to understand."


Built to Last

Our Mischief Maker® Slingshot is made with real, non-toxic wood for an authentic feel and screen printed with beautiful graphics.

Take it to Go!

Every Mischief Maker® Slingshot includes a handy travel/storage bag ready to take on your next adventure.

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Makes a Great Gift

Enjoyed by kids of all ages. Even Grandma likes to get in on the fun make a little mischief! Available in multiple styles and colors.

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four series to choose from

Meet the Whole Family of Mischief Makers®

Green Classic wood slingshot being shot by 8 year old boy. Mischief Maker by Mighty Fun!
Racing best slingshot on the grass including blue, green, and red by Mighty Fun!
Green and Orange Surf’s Up toy slingshots in the sand on the beach. Mischief Maker by Mighty Fun!
Orange Monster toy slingshot being launched. Mischief Maker by Mighty Fun!