Mischief Maker Slingshot

A modern take on a truly classic toy, the slingshot. The kind of toy that brings out the kid in all of us. Good ol' fashioned fun. It looks amazing in the hand, popping out of a pocket or awaiting the next adventure on a bookshelf. Our unique design of the Mischief Maker only allows for soft foam balls to be popped into flight by a soft foam hammer, ensuring safe play, so go ahead, it's ok, make a little mischief today! 



Summer Special

Order 24 Mischief Maker Slingshots & Get 12 Free Replacement Balls

Available in two series: Mischief Maker Classics, and Mischief Maker Lil' Monsters. Each Mischief Maker Slingshot includes a beautiful wooden slingshot, 4 soft foam balls, and a travel/storage bag; all packaged in a gift worthy color box. $9.00 each wholesale with a suggested retail of $19.99. 

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