MF! Review Program

Mighty Fun! Review Program

Getting discovered and attention online is more challenging than ever making customer reviews an integral part of brand building and product launches. Every site from Amazon to Etsy features customer reviews as a valuable part of product discovery. We are looking for individuals interested in sharing their feedback with future customers in exchange for free product. Reviews are the independent opinions of the MF! Reviewers; we do not modify or edit these reviews. Joining is super easy, simply complete the form below to apply. You will receive a confirmation from us once your application is reviewed. 

How does the MF! Review program work?
We email you with product information asking if you would like to review a particular product within 14 days of receiving it. If you agree and are interested simply email us back and we send you the product for free.
Do reviewers have to write only positive reviews?
No. We want honest opinions about the products – good or bad.
Are Reviewers paid for writing reviews or pressured to write favorable reviews?
No. MF! Reviewers are not paid to participate in the program and write reviews. They do get to keep the products they review as we want them to continue to use the products and submit review updates whenever appropriate.
Do MF! Reviewers receive products before they are released?
Yes – in some cases. We do offer pre-release products for MF! Reviewers to review prior to product launch.
What if I don’t have time or don’t want to review a specific product?
No problem, simply email back and let us know it will not work this time. Easy. We will keep you on the list for upcoming product review opportunities.
How do I leave a review?
There are several ways to leave a review. Go to specific seller sites such as Etsy, Amazon, or and leave review. If pictures are your thing, feel free to include photos with your review. If video is your thing, we would love youtube product reviews as well.
What if I have questions or need more information?
If you have any questions about our review program, or would like to know more about a product you are reviewing, we encourage you to email us at