In the Land of Imagination, the Kingdoms of Forest, Sky, Mountain and Sea are under attack and need the help of kids everywhere. The big bully Boredom and all his bad buddies Screen Time, Junk Food, and Video Games to name a few are out to take the fun and imagination out of play time. Don’t let that happen! Become a Keeper of Imagination and join a community of kids who join together to chase away Boredom for good through the power of action packed pretend play!

Each Animal Clan has unique abilities, special skills and power moves that come into play on all you adventures. See which clan sounds most fun for you:

Screaming down from the Mountain tops, the Dragon Clan breathes fire from above in the name of fun, calling on their special skills: quickness, wind power, bravery and strength. Master the Dragon Clan Power Move the Blast of Blazing Breath to burn Boredom when it creeps close!

Move Name: The Blast of BlazingBreath

Description:  Summon the sizzling secret of the fire breathing Dragon Clan!

Power Stance:  Stand balanced on one leg, bend your other leg at the knee, pointing backwards; stretch your arms out to your sides holding sword and shield.

1. Slowly begin to run in a circle holding your sword and shield, extending 
and flapping your arms up and down like wings, to generate power..

2. When powered up, begin to hover in place by circling your arms
out to the sides of your body...

3. Quickly crouch down, take a deep breath and jump up as high
as you can, blowing out a big gust of air upon landing!