Give The Gift of Play!

A wooden slingshot is the perfect high-flying, ball-popping holiday gift for the little ones. See their eyes light up with a twinkle of mischief as soft foam balls fly through the air. Super safe and easy to use, Mischief Maker Wooden Slingshots are the ultimate kids' first slingshot!

Find Something for Everyone

Choose their favorite color and style to fit their personality. Are they fast and impulsive like our Racing Slingshot, or laid back and chill like our Surf’s Up Slingshot? Every Mischief Maker® Wooden Slingshot includes a unique design, 4 soft foam balls and a handy storage bag.

Include The Whole Gang

Everyone likes to get in on a little mischief making, even Grandma. Let us help you cross the fun off your shopping list. Choose your styles, maybe a few extra refill balls (can’t hurt), and let us do the rest. We’ll ship your order right away giving you the satisfaction of knowing you’re all ready for a stress free & fun holiday. And, best of all, we are offering free shipping on orders over $49.


“The grandkids opened this on Christmas Eve as their one present to open. Five kids from 5 years old to 13 years old had a blast! No one had any trouble using it except grandma who needed to be shown but even she got the hang of it quickly. This is a well-made, quality product!”