We all agree we always want the best for our kids. And that should go for the toys and games they play with, right? Absolutely! That's why we're so happy you've found MIGHTY FUN!

At MIGHTY FUN! we've got a passion for high-quality play that inspires us to make the best toys, games and gifts for your family. We're excited to share with you what we've created, and what we're working on, to give your kids the most awesome play experience!  So you know more about who we are and why we do this, here’s a little background on us...

MIGHTY FUN! was started by a small group of friends who met while working in the specialty toy industry. We connected over a strong belief in the importance of quality play and a love of the creative process of making cool stuff. We've had fun over the years batting around ideas for the different toys and games we'd like to make. The opportunity finally arrived for us to work together to make our own brand of toys and games and MIGHTY FUN! was born! Our mission now is to apply what we've learned from many, many years of working in the specialty toy and gift industry to create unique toys, games and gifts that offer outstanding quality, eye-catching design, awesome performance and exceptional play value.

MIGHTY FUN! toys and games are designed to inspire and celebrate the genuine childhood experience. It's our goal to promote the development of active, healthy and mentally engaged children by offering authentic products with age appropriate imagery that deliver outstanding performance.

We want you to know when you play with a toy or game made by us, you can’s MIGHTY FUN!