Cosmic Checkers

  • Out of this World Checkers Fun!
    King me! Kids have loved playing Checkers for hundreds of years...because it’s awesome fun! Strategic moves - check! Exciting jumps - check! The thrill of capturing your opponent’s checkers - check! Now it's your turn: introduce your kids to this great game today with Cosmic Checkers from MIGHTY FUN! Cosmic Checkers now makes a great game even more fun for kids with a colorful Outer Space theme that'll make them want to play again and again.

  • Ages: 4 and Up
    # of Players: 2 Players
    Game Time: 10-20 Minutes
    Manufacturer/Publisher: Mighty Fun
    Includes: Full-Size Checkerboard with 24 Playing Pieces & Travel/Storage Bag, Rulebook
    Materials: Non-toxic, formaldehyde-free and environmentally-friendly wood, cloth storage bag
    Source: Made in Portland, Oregon

  • Fun theme appeals to kids to encourage more play.
    One of the best educational games to get your kids.
    Kids that love Outer Space will love this game.
    Better design, better materials, better play.
    Made in the USA for the Best Quality Product, always.
    Made with real wood, kid-safe, top-quality and non-toxic.

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