Yo! Buzz Bot has gone live!

April 20, 2015

 We’re thrilled to announce Buzz Bot has gone live! Thanks for popping by to check out Buzz Bot and we hope you enjoy what we’re up to with the website. So, what are we up to with this website? Great question and a good place to start! Buzz Bot is fun discovered for you. Well then...what does that mean exactly? The three of us behind the scenes at Buzz Bot all have a long, long history in the business of fun, i.e. the toy industry (link to about us page), having created, designed, manufactured and sold toys around the world. We created this site as a platform to share with you all of the toys and games we create and those we find from respected brands that we feel provide real fun.

real, adj., (ree-uh l): genuine; not counterfeit, artificial, or artificial, or imitation; authentic.  

fun, n., (fuhn): something that provides mirth and amusement; enjoyment or playfulness.

We are passionate about fun, quality play and know from our years of experience in the industry, as well as being fathers with kids at home, just how important a role top-notch toys and games play in the development and day-to-day happiness of kids. Be it high-energy outdoor active play, brain-challenging games, mind-expanding science kits, imaginative dress-up and pretend play, impulse novelties, or any other category encompassing fun, we aim to showcase those cool products that we feel offer that real fun. You’ll also see that our approach to the online shopping experience is unique in that we apply our individual areas of toy expertise to the analysis of each item, then toss in a healthy dose of humor, providing an entertaining and in-depth informative review of all items. Our goal is for you to end up purchasing the best item based on what you’re searching for, because matching up the child with the right product is an important part of the real fun formula. Get the wrong item, or maybe not know how it’s best used, and that can lead to frustration and an unhappy kid. We don’t like that. That’s why we’re committed to giving you as complete an overview of each item as we can so you can ensure you’re purchasing the right toy or game. After a few successes, and the gratification that comes with seeing that toy being used with a big smile, we’re confident you’ll come to know Buzz Bot as your go-to, trusted source for all things fun!

So to sum that up:

real fun = great toys and games + in-depth product information and insight + easy, entertaining shopping experience

That sounds like a winning formula to me!

The Buzz Bot journey has just begun and it’s going to be a fun ride we hope you take with us. Please keep in mind, we’re just getting started and will continually be adding more toys and games, content and information, so please sign up for our newsletter and connect with us through our social media accounts to stay up-to-date on the latest products, promotions, and blog posts.