Road Tripping

Taking a family road trip this summer?

Here are a few suggestions to help keep the journey interesting and joyful.


1. Bring along a road map or atlas.
A great way to unplug and follow along (while learning about geography, too!) ​This National Geographic Road Atlas is our favorite. 

2. Make the ultimate playlist and rock out.

It's the perfect opportunity to share the music of your formative years or groove to this classic road trip playlist.  

3. Download audiobooks.

Enjoy the shared experience of listening to a book together. Find family favorites here

4. Pack healthy snacks.

Save the special treats for when the road gets weary and bring along these road trip staples.

5. Play games!

There are so many awesome road trip games to choose from; from twenty questions to the license plate game, here's a great list.

6. Don't forget to pack some fun!

Our racing-themed Mischief Maker Slingshots are the perfect road trip companion and come with a handy travel/storage bag to help keep things tidy in the car. 

7. Savor the quiet times, too.

Stay safe, make memories, enjoy the ride and scenery as it passes by.




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