Our Favorite Summer Activities

A Mighty Fun! List

Nothing beats summer break when you're a child. The unstructured days spent playing with friends or lying in the warm grass getting lost in your favorite book are what childhood memories are made of. Here’s a list of some of our family’s favorite summertime activities.


Backyard Camping

When our children were really little we introduced them to camping by pitching the tent in our backyard. The kids set up their own sleeping areas and brought all of their favorite stuffed animals inside. We made dinner “campside”, explored the yard at night with flashlights and, for the first time ever, they actually slept in past 8am! Oh, the magic of sleeping outside in the fresh air! The tent stayed up for a few extra days and it became the neighborhood fort = good times! For more backyard camping ideas check out: https://www.parenting.com/article/14-ideas-for-camping-out-in-your-backyard

Summer Reading Program at the Local Library

We love this program at our local library because it gives children the opportunity to explore a wide range of books which in turn develops their curiosity and passion for reading. We’re lucky to have a library that also rewards the summer readers with prizes like t-shirts & books. Discover the Association for Library Service to Children’s 2018 summer reading list here: http://www.ala.org/alsc/publications-resources/book-lists/2018-summer-reading-list



Visit the local u-pick, farmer’s market or plant your own garden

 We started visiting the local berry farms as a great family outing option. More berries went into the kids’ mouths than their buckets, but who could blame them, it’s nature’s candy! We branched out into weekend farmers markets and moved up to planting a small garden of our own. The kids took great pride planting and tending to their own vegetables. They often would grab a snack right off the bushes; healthy grab and go! Here’s a great kid’s gardening resource: https://learn.eartheasy.com/guides/gardening-with-children/



State Park Camping

The next step in our family camping adventures was loading up the car and road tripping to a State Park. This time we asked our kids to help with the packing. Each child filled their own small backpack with their special treasures to bring along for a few nights in the woods. Our Mischief Maker Wooden Slingshot is a favorite to pack for a summer adventure. Meals were made over the fire pit or with our camp stove and everyone agreed that for some reason everything tastes better when eaten in the outdoors. They dug in the dirt, watched an ant colony with wonder, collected walking sticks and skipped rocks on the lake. Memories were made and it was the catalyst to more outdoor adventures. To find a campsite near you visit: https://www.stateparks.com/



Swimming at the Community Pool

Even if it’s the most crowded place on a hot summer day, our kids could care less. They loved splashing around all of that noisy energy, riding the slides, rope swing and lazy river plus the snack shack had it all! To be on the safe side, we talked about pool safety before getting into the water and the kids were always accompanied by an adult. Read about pool safety at: https://www.healthychildren.org/English/news/Pages/Summer-Safety-Tips-Sun-and-Water-Safety.aspx



Lemonade Stand

Little entrepreneurs were born that day when they realized the neighbors would pay for their homemade lemonade and baked goods. Here’s a yummy, freshly squeezed lemonade recipe: https://simpleplayideas.com/lemonade-recipe-kids-can-make


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