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November 15, 2016 2 min read

The holiday season is nearly here and that! As a toy and gift company, this is our favorite time of year. And it's also the busiest! Of course, that's the case with most folks - hectic holiday schedules often leave little time to give those shopping duties the ample time needed to really find that perfect gift or two (or three). That's one of the reasons we love holiday gift guides. Such a great shortcut to lead you to the cool stuff you can get and give that will make your gifts stand out and be really appreciated. And that's the goal, right? I'll admit, I'm a horrible last-minute shopper and it drives me crazy. I need my gift guides to give me those ideas I can quickly find that I can feel good about giving! 

Now gift guides are great. The only thing better, at least for us, is seeing our products featured in one! Well, we've got our first sighting of the 2016 season:

We are thrilled to see our wooden Swords and Shields included in the Made in Oregon Gift Guide from 1859 Magazine! If you're looking for gifts made in Oregon, grab a copy of this magazine as it has some great Oregon brands like Pendleton, Poler, Jacobsen Salt Co., Danner, Metolius Teas and more, with products featured in some unique niches: gifts for animal lovers, gifts for foodies and drinkers, gifts for kids, gifts for bookworms, gifts for travelers and explorers. 

So get a copy, it's the November issue, or check it out online, and you'll have your Made in Oregon gift giving wrapped up in no time!