Introducing Cosmic Checkers - A Real Wood Checkers Set That’s Out of This World Fun!

Introducing Cosmic Checkers - A Real Wood Checkers Set That’s Out of This World Fun!

This is ground control calling all of you fun-loving space cadets out there! Begin the countdown, 3-2-1...and blast off to out of this world fun with Cosmic Checkers!


OK, nod your head if you’ve played Checkers before. I’ll go ahead assume that’s close to 100% of you! Yes, Checkers is one of the most classic games of all time and pretty much everyone knows what it is. It’s been played and loved by kids and families for hundreds of years. And there’s a good reason it’s so popular: it’s super fun! Kids love the action of jumping and capturing pieces and getting ‘kinged’ when they finally make it across the board. But as a parent, here’s something you’ll love…

Checkers is a great game for little brains. While your kids play checkers, they are being introduced to key early learning skills. The simple strategy of checkers provides opportunity to learn logic, cause and effect, deductive reasoning, spatial awareness and direction. Whoa, all of that? With benefits like that, you’ll want them to play a lot. We agree, and that’s why we’re excited to show you how we’ve made Cosmic Checkers a game kids will want to play.

Now, not to knock checkers here, we know it’s a classic, but the traditional game can tend to be a bit, well...boring. I’m not talking about the gameplay, but the look and feel. Now shouldn’t a fun kids game have a colorful theme that appeals to kids? Well, that’s what we think and that’s why we went with a popular space theme for our first checkers set. Combining the classic gameplay with a fun theme that has major kid might call that a winning move!  With the Moon vs. Mars showdown, kids will love playing again and again to see who rules the galaxy!

But in setting out to make our exciting checkers set for kids, we didn’t just stop with the theme. We make our sets from 100% real wood from a sustainable source - non-toxic, formaldehyde free and totally kid-friendly! All sets are made by hand in our design workshop in Portland, Oregon, ensuring the best quality. This is a sturdy, well-made set that looks great when set up on the table or in the kids’ room. Not like a flimsy fold-out cardboard version that barely sits flat! Parents, if you can bring yourself to put this game away, you’ll be happy to know we’ve included a handy storage/travel bag. Easy to pack away or take on the go!

Now it’s your turn to introduce your kids to the wonderful game of checkers with the coolest set this side of the sun: Cosmic Checkers!
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