Brain Freeze Wins Best Children’s Game of the Year Award!

If we had a horn, we’d be tooting it right about now. Toot! Why?

Because Brain Freeze was named Best Children's Game of the Year for 2016 by GameBoyGeek! Wow! 

Now there are a lot of board games out there for kids, and GameBoyGeek plays a ton of them, so this is really a big honor to be included in his "Best of" awards for 2016. See what Dan at GameBoyGeek has to say about Brain Freeze in the video here (this is his full awards video with Brain Freeze up first, then watch through for his other great board game winners - and keep an eye out for another familiar game in there!):

Dan is tuned in to some of the key features of our game:

  • It’s Familiar: like Battleship meets Clue or Mastermind - combines some popular elements of classic games into a whole new board game experience!
  • It’s Fun and Fast: kids wouldn’t play if it wasn’t fun...and Brain Freeze is Fun! It also plays fast, 15-20 minutes per game, so kids can easily play again and again.
  • It’s Educational: introduces strategic thinking, logic and deduction. Parents love that Brain Freeze offers a fun way for kids to practice and improve these important building blocks for the brain.

For a more in-depth look at why Brain Freeze is a great first strategy game your kids should be playing, the original full review of Brain Freeze from GameBoyGeek is a great place to start:

If you want an award-winning and educational board game for your kids that’s sweet fun, you’ve got to get Brain Freeze. Get it here and save $5 off when you enter the promo code: AWARD

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