Magic Minds - Telepathy Makes The Dice Tower's Top 10 Deduction Games List

Magic Minds - Telepathy Makes The Dice Tower's Top 10 Deduction Games List

We were thrilled to see Magic Minds - Telepathy pop up at #7 in the recent video from The Dice Tower on the Top 10 Deduction Games. Actually, it's 3 different Top 10 lists from Tom, Zee and Sam. So we're at #7 on Tom's list (and #12 on Zee's short list). This really makes us happy! Tom has been good to us, reviewing the original Telepathy (along with his girls), our updated version Magic Minds, and Brain Freeze, the version of Telepathy we recently introduced that's designed for a younger audience ages 5 to 10. Gotta get those kids started on strategy games early! You can see those review videos in on our game product pages

Here's the video for the Top 10 Deduction Games from The Dice Tower:

The Telepathy talk kicks in around 18:25 mark of this video. It's a long video, but watch it if you can. These are guys are too much fun to watch, so you'll get some good laughs and even better, tips on some really great deduction games you should be playing. 

If you can't watch the whole video, I'll quickly recap the Telepathy portion. Tom describes it very well, saying you can "think of it as a mix between Battleship and Mastermind" and says it "sounds simple...but against another person, I just have a blast" as it feels "like a competitive mastermind". Mastermind of course, is one of the all-time well-known, most-played strategy/puzzle games, so that's good game company. Battleship too, I think I've heard of that!

He highlights a great point about the gameplay of Telepathy - it is fairly simple to grasp the concept of how it's played: each player starts by choosing a secret square and then they go back and forth trying to deduce the other player's square by making guesses, receiving yes/no answers and eliminating variables until they feel confident in making a guess to solve and win. With the head-to-head format and human element factored in, every game proves to be an exciting challenge. Players are really in a race to solve the secret square first and one of the things I love most about the game, there is no set way in how players can go about doing that. Players come up with their own unique strategies using deduction, logic and memory, and then try to execute under pressure. Trust me, it's fun and definitely worth a spot on this Top 10 Deduction Games list!