Get your Dad A Great Game this Father's Day with Telepathy!

If you're having a hard time thinking of that perfect gift to get your Dad for Father's Day, let us make a last-minute suggestion: get him one of the fun and challenging board games from Mighty Fun, including Magic Minds, Telepathy and Telepathy - Washington State (perfect for those Northwest pops)! While we think a board game makes for a cool Father's Day gift in general, here are a few quick and specific reasons we think our Mighty Fun games are a perfect choice for the Fathers out there:

  • Our Games are quick to set-up with a small # of game components and average 15-20 minutes per game, so Dad can get a few games in while still having time to tend to his fatherly duties on his special day, you know like drinking beer, manning the BBQ, sports-ball and whatnot.
  • Based on the strategic gameplay of the original Telepathy, our games are easy to learn but difficult to master, so Dad doesn't need to fool with a lengthy rule book to start playing and will surely find the challenge of the game appealing.
  • Our games requires strategic thinking and use of logic which will help keep Dad's mind sharp as a tack, something to keep in mind for the older Dads out there.
  • Our games are great for all ages, so it gives Dad a game to play with the kids for . And what Father doesn't want to know what his kids are thinking!?!?!
  • Our games are ideal two-player games, so Dad can easily play with Mom for some quality couples time.

We know time is running out and Father's Day is approaching fast, so order NOW on Mighty Fun and get FREE 2-Day shipping in the US when you enter the promo code 'DAD' at checkout. If you can get your order submitted by 2 p.m. PST on Wednesday, June 17th, we can get it to you by Saturday.

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