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Preserve, Promote & PLAY

Preserve, Promote & PLAY in the name of science When we tell people that we make toys, their reaction usually unfolds like this, they become visibly lighter, get a big smile and say things like, “Awe, really, how cool, lucky you!” And we do feel lucky, it’s truly a joyful job, if you like kids, what could be better than making things they love. However, as society progresses and more pressure is put on measurable childhood achievement, the simple act of kids playing has taken on an all new importance. It is no longer enough to simply know that kids have fun. We must encourage the important tenets of childhood and aim to PRESERVE, PROMOTE & PLAY. (Hence the 3Ps)...

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Telepathy Redesign

Telepathy® - Redesign Ten years is a long time. It is hard to imagine a world without Uber/Lyft, Spotify, Snapchat or Instagram. After 10 years of winning awards and bringing families together in head-to-head strategy showdowns, it was time for a re design. We set out to update Telepathy with the goal of improving the look and feel while maintaining and hopefully improving the award winning play of the original.  History of Telepathy® The original Telepathy game was first created in 2008 by Derek Chinn in Seattle, Washington. After receiving a board game for Christmas the prior year and being unimpressed, thinking, “I can do better than this,” Derek set about to create his own game. After countless hours of...

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What Makes A Gift Great?

WHAT MAKES A GIFT GREAT? Gift giving is a thoughtful gesture that is fun for both the giver and receiver. So what makes a gift go from being beyond good to great? Here are a few suggestions for how to take the next gift you give to a higher level of wow-ness!   PUT YOUR PERSONAL SPIN ON THE WRAPPING Here we’ve created a retro-cool vibe by using colored tissue paper wrapped at an angle along our Blow Darts Target Set. Super cost effective and easy to do, just start with one color of tissue paper* placed at a 25-45 degree angle, wrap it once diagonally around the box then use a little magic tape to keep it in place....

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How to Avoid The Summer Slide

How To Avoid the Summer Slide Summer and slides go together like peanut butter and jelly. Slides at the Water Park. Slip’n Slides in the backyard. The trusty ol’ slide at the local park. Kids love slides! DID YOU KNOW THERE’S A DIFFERENT KIND OF SLIDE THAT KIDS NEED TO AVOID? It’s known as the Summer Slide and it refers to kids losing academic skills and knowledge over the summer break when they are out of school and not engaged in educational activities. After a long school year, kids have earned some well-deserved downtime, however, parents may want to provide some additional fun activities that will also keep kids' brains busy and active so they can stay off the summer...

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Summer Adventure Packing Suggestions

Summer Adventure Packing Suggestions  Getting ready to hit the road or trail this summer? Our Mischief Maker Wooden Slingshots  are a fun, classic toy to bring along for the adventure. In addition to packing a Mischief Maker, here are a few more suggestions of age appropriate goodies to keep kids engaged during an outing: A great book, binoculars, flashlight, whistle and jump rope are some of our favorites. Happy trails!  

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